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Avoid wasting time, chaos and a resource-draining whirlwind of interested parties.

Dimension Design gives you access to all areas of competence with one point of contact. We don't just know how to sell a building - we've also come up with a streamlined concept for the sales process.

When we say marketing, then this applies to all types of presentations for all types of media, through all forms of technology on all platforms - we know how to sell your project.

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We have cut away all the frills and work exclusively with residential projects. See how we have sold one residential project after another.


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Say it with film
Say it with film
The Aalborg Silo
The Aalborg Silo
The Fjord Tower in Nørresundby
The Fjord Tower in Nørresundby

Project sales from A-Z

We only have one mantra: it must be easy for you.

Our experience allows us to think, design and produce everything from A-Z, and we have got so good at the process that we can predict any challenges and include them in the process. In short this means that you are assured an optimal marketing package, problem-free execution, on-time delivery and strategic planning that will reach your particular target group.

"Because Dimension Design are specialists in residential projects, they know what works and what doesn't. So we have felt completely comfortable letting them run with the ball. We know what they are capable of because we have worked with them on numerous projects."

Bjarne Husted, Project Manager, A. Enggaard A/S

Concept and identity

It is neither time, budget nor prestige level that determines a residential project's success - a good idea does. A bold design, different angle and an innovative approach to residential projects pushes your residential or commercial project off the ramp and into the buyer's consciousness.

Marketing strategy

There's no point in starting the year with fireworks if no one looks up at them - you have to be seen if you want to sell. We provide you with the good story and the right packaging, tailored to your target group with perfectly timed execution.

3D visualisation

The biggest challenge for any residential project is that it must be sold before it can be shown. The solution to this is 3D, and 3D visualisations are our core competence. It isn't just about factual recreation of what is to come, but also about selling the residential dream – through settings, close-ups, structures and materials, styles and interiors chosen for the target group and situations which the audience would love to see themselves in.

Writing content

A picture says more than a thousand words, so choose your words carefully. The vibrant, sharp text is your crowning stroke – it doesn't need much, but it makes all the difference. We have the vocabulary to add the finishing touches to your project.


High user friendliness, easy navigation and an impressive design are the essential ingredients. If your website signals genuine commitment, user skills and aesthetic flair then you've paved the way for sales, and vice versa...

Interactive housing outlines

A sales tool to beat all others! The Home Selector is the ultimate interactive sales, strategy and process module in residential projects. Buyers can click around the site and obtain all the specific details for their dream house, the agent has a complete outline of the sale and everything can be updated at any time. For example the status can go from available to sold before the buyer has exited the presentation.

Brochure & print

You should not underestimate the value of the printed format, even if it is one of your older sales partners. Offline materials are your door-to-door sales representatives. They keep the sales process afloat when they are lying on the table next to the keys in the potential buyer's home.

Virtual Reality

The effect of VR cannot be denied. A full presentation of an apartment that won't be built until six months' time... it's just really clever. Period. Impress potential buyers with a VR guided tour that is so believable that they will want to move in tomorrow.

Options configurator

Do you offer options, tailored solutions, material upgrades or unique apartments? Offer your buyers a tool that covers any desire for adaptation. As well as helping you keep track of who wants what. It's a sales tool and project management rolled into one.

PR, ads and SoMe

Where should I write what to who and when, and is there any point? The media landscape is a jungle, but we know the way! Advertising can be a sales boost or a blind alley, so it is a good idea to bring a guide along with you. If it is planned correctly, you can achieve a return on investment of 8.8 or more.

TV ads

The effectiveness of a TV ad for your residential project on local TV is tangible. TV ads live longer in people's consciousness, generate the greatest volume in sales and deliver the biggest contribution to the bottom line, and you will pay back your investment six-fold via TV, which is a far greater return on investment than campaigns using promotional papers, outdoor and print media.