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All the skills – one point of contact

Dimension Design
Lyngvej 1
9000 Aalborg

T: +45 78 72 67 00

Looking for any particular?

Alexander Windig Mottlau


Direct: +45 4215 5555

Allan Virenfeldt Pedersen

Architect and Project Manager

Anne Sofie Bovin

Project Manager

Direct: +45 7872 6714

Ivan Zivanovic


Jakob Soelberg

Architect and Project Manager

Kevin Gøhler

3D Graphic Artist

Mads Lind Nicolaisen


Michael Lindegaard

CPO & Partner

Direct: +45 7872 6702

Thomas Münster

Head of Sales

Direct: +45 7872 6717

Tomasz Adamski

3D Graphic Artist Trainee

Uffe Bengaard

CEO & Partner

Direct: +45 2421 9181

We are also working closely with our colleagues in Cadesign form. Therefore, you may meet some of our colleagues, for instance these:

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