Copenhagen Property Investments

3D visualisations / Interior design concepts / Styling / VR

In most cases when working with residential projects, the building and possibly even the entire area are newly constructed. Despite the obvious advantages of moving into a building where everything is new, we often miss the charm and soul attached to older buildings. The Copenhagen property developer COPI Group has seamlessly managed to combine both elements, as the majority of its projects comprise total renovations of some of the hippest and most prestigious addresses in Copenhagen.

"For us design is always a pivot for the development of our projects, which is why choosing the right 3D supplier is so important. Dimension Design understood the importance of putting the character and personality of the property forward in the 3D material."


Maria Brunander Vøgg, Managing Director, COPI Group

Good taste sells

Student housing might not immediately make you think of high-end design, but the interior decoration and styling are actually crucial for a residential project with a young target group. COPI has understood this fully and given top priority to the atmosphere in the images. We have created a joined-up interior design concept, which has resulted in targeted styling that creates the right atmosphere, brings out the housing's best features and speaks to the dream of a fashionable student life in the heart of Copenhagen.

"The creative process is extremely important, as is ensuring that the 3D developer understands our design approach for the project. Expression and atmosphere are essential, and it is more about a feeling and a creative sense. And this is where we believe Dimension Design stands out clearly from the rest of the market."


Maria Brunander Vøgg, Managing Director, COPI Group