The Aalborg Silo

A. Enggaard 


Concept / Identity / VR / Website / 3D visualisations
/ Housing options / Ad spots / SoMe / Brochure

A prestigious residential project deserves the absolute best marketing, where attention has been paid to detail and quality and a common thread runs through all the materials. The Aalborg Silo has A. Enggaard as property developer, Thorkild Kristensen as agent and Dimension Design as communications consultant – an effective collaboration with one shared goal: a well integrated project of high calibre.

With a much sought-after placement in an area with a cool edge and high competition and with a diverse target group, the Aalborg Silo demands a strong identity and an ambitious marketing strategy. And this is precisely what it got.

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"You should never underestimate the importance of well thought-out marketing. Even the hippest residential project will not sell itself if no one knows about it - whereas if what the buyers see is serious and well thought-out, then a basis of trust is established for the project even before we have spoken to them."

Per Severinsen, estate agent specialising in residential projects, Thorkild Kristensen Real Estate

Efficiency at the 'drawing board'
– world class results

Even if a project is extensive and requires some serious marketing, then this does not have to mean an expensive, demanding and lengthy process. It is about experience, familiarity with the target group, knowing what pitfalls to avoid and a solid team of skilled people who are not concerned with anything other than a successful residential project, the sharpest 3D visualisations and doing better than they have previously - better than the others - better than they themselves thought possible.

It is a dedication that results in nothing less than a bold identity tailored to the area and the project, an impressive website with interactive housing options, presentation of all four apartment types selected according to four different target groups, 52 VR displays, 70 3D visualisations, one ad spot, a 360-degree VR experience, posts on social media and PR and a stunning 100 page brochure.

And these success criteria have been fulfilled: A. Enggaard and Thorkild Kristensen Real Estate have got everything from identity, concept and turnkey delivery of all materials on all platforms without having to be pulled through countless phone calls, meetings and approval processes.

"Because Dimension Design are specialists in residential projects, they know what works and what doesn't. So we have felt completely comfortable letting them run with the ball. We know what they are capable of because we have worked with them on numerous projects."

Bjarne Husted, Project Manager, A. Enggaard A/S