The Fjord Tower in Nørresundby near Aalborg

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With the Fjord Tower, A. Enggaard and Thorkild Kristensen Real Estate really show their lofty ambitions. In other countries it has long been the case that VR is the way forward, and this is the way they have gone. 3D enables you to see an apartment that has not yet been built, but with VR you can walk around in it, get a feel for the finer details in your future home and bring any doubts to life - and this is what residential projects are about.

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"Numerous customers have told us that in their experience, VR has felt extremely lifelike and enormously realistic. It has made them feel much more comfortable when making decisions about their future home, which is a fantastic opportunity both for the buyer and the estate agent."

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VR cannot stand alone – someone needs to come and try it out for it to be effective. Both A. Enggaard and Thorkild Kristensen Real Estate are aware of this, which is why they have gone all out with a website that is both informative and fascinating, an ad spot on TV and social media and a fully-fledged brochure – all packed with 3D visualisations. When you take the VR route, you can have visualisations in a quality and quantity which has previously seemed like a utopian dream.

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The Fjord Tower is located directly opposite the Akvavit distillery – and if you know Aalborg, then you'll know that there couldn't be a better location anywhere in the city. Fjord, sunset, a lively, vibrant city waterfront and life from the bridge: the view is magnificent whatever the weather and constantly changing.

If you, like A. Enggard, have such an exceptional product – then show it correctly! The investment sector will buy no matter what, the sceptic will never buy anything they haven't seen first hand, but the undecided – the biggest segment of them all, will let themselves be convinced if their concerns can be accommodated and allayed. And this is possible with VR.

"We have experienced a very positive response, and many have expressed that they get a much better image of the finished apartment with Virtual Reality than they do with other sales material. In regard to residential projects this is a huge strength, as it can be hard to imagine how the finished house will end up looking."


Real estate company Thorkild Kristensen, residential projects


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